To contribute to the economic growth of our country by exporting non-controlled construction materials such as sand and gravel, mineral ores, and recoverable metal thereby bringing in much needed dollar remittances; providing business and employment to the people involved in the construction, quarrying, recycling and mining industry; ensuring the best quality of materials and services at the lowest cost to our clients through continuous exploration, research and development of technology, and training of our employed men, skilled manpower, and professionals.

For Our Clients:
We commit to deliver good quality products and services to meet the local and global demands and ensuring that our products and services shall be in consonance with ecological preservation and, ultimately, enhancement.

For Our Employees and Partners:
We commit to strive and to help improve their economic status by continuously providing job opportunities and giving them due benefits through continuous training and skills upgrading. We commit to ensure a work atmosphere of mutual respect and teamwork. We shall continue to provide appropriate training and values enhancement to ensure the highest degree of professionalism and integrity.