Trading - Fahrenheit
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Fahrenheit Company Limited’s trade focuses on fly ash, aggregates and mineral products. We can supply construction materials both locally and internationally. We have supplied fly ash and aggregates to the Pacific Islands and around the Philippines, mainly in the greater Luzon areas. Furthermore, we have supplied mineral products to various parts of China.

Fly Ash

FCL’s Fly Ash classifies under ASTM-C618, Class F, which is the highest quality of this type of commodity. This cement additive increases the tensile strength of concrete and lessens permeability greatly reducing cracks and water penetration.
Since the 2nd quarter of the year 2011, our company was awarded a contract to be duly authorized and sole distributor and supplier of Fly Ash obtained from Masinloc Coal-Fired Thermal Power Plant (MCFTPP).

Our company supplies fly ash to the top companies in the Philippines that distribute ready-mix and concrete. We have also exported this commodity to the Pacific Islands, namely, Guam and the Marshall Islands.

Starting November 2018, the fly ash from MCFTPP has not met the standard requirements to be classified under ASTM-C618, Class F. FCL has started to source from other places, namely Viet Nam, Australia, and India, that meet the quality standards the company aims to provide its clients.


With our past experiences in supplying aggregates both locally and internationally, finding and supplying large quantities of these commodities are not a problem. The term aggregate covers a lot of material used for construction. Our main aggregate products include vibro sand and crushed stones in different sizes.

Aggregates are the most mined product in the world as they are widely used in construction. Sand, gravel and stones are added to cement in order to create concrete. The use of this commodity in construction provides both vertical and horizontal structures to mainly provide more volume, stability and resistance to wear and erosion.

We have supplied aggregates to parts of the Pacific Islands such as Yap Islands, Guam and Palau.