Fahrenheit Company Limited | About us
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About us

Fahrenheit Company Ltd. (FCL) is a 100 percent Filipino-owned Company engaged in the business of importation, distribution, and sale of: fly ash, construction aggregates, and fuels.


The Company was first established on October 26, 1998 under the name Fahrenheit Enterprises and was issued a Permit to Operate (PTO) by the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority (SBMA). Fahrenheit Enterprises engaged in hauling and distributing petroleum products inside and outside of the Freeport Zone.


In 2001, Fahrenheit Enterprises changed its name to Fahrenheit Petroleum Propriety Company Limited (FPPCL). It was still engaged in the haul and distribution of petroleum. The Company has also mined and exported mineral products, such as chromite, to various places in China including Dalian and Tianjin between the years 2001-2003.


On October 22, 2004, FPPCL was amended at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) into its current name. FCL has diversified its business to include general constructions, land development, sub-contracting, trans-shipment of agricultural and marine products, quarrying and mining operator.


Starting in mid-2003, prior to changing FPPCL to FCL, the Company has been engaged in the exportation of aggregates to the Pacific Islands, mainly Yap State, Federated States of Micronesia. FCL also started to engage in the metal recovery business (ferrous and non-ferrous). After years of transacting with Yap Islands, FCL was able to penetrate the market and entered the distribution of aggregates and other commodities starting in 2007.


In 2008, FCL successfully ventured into Guam, USA by acquiring a business license from the Department of Revenue and Taxation of the Government of Guam and an Employer’s Identification Number from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Its nature of business includes the supply of aggregates, building and construction materials, and the importation of marine products from the Philippines and other Pacific Islands.


In 2011, FCL was awarded a contract by the Provincial Government of Zambales to become the duly authorized and sole distributor of Fly Ash generated from the Masinloc Coal-Fired Thermal Power Plant.  The company has since then gained a market presence in the Philippines for the supply of Fly Ash to top ready-mix and cement companies.


To contribute to the economic growth of our country by importing and exporting non-controlled construction materials such as construction sand, gravel, and recoverable metal thereby bringing in much needed dollar remittances; providing business and employment to the people involved in the construction, logistics, shipping, and recycling industry; ensuring the best quality of materials and services at the lowest cost to our clients through continuous exploration, research and development of technology, and training of our employed men, skilled manpower, and professionals.



For Our Clients:

We commit to deliver good quality products and services to meet the local and global demands and ensuring that our products and services shall be in consonance with ecological preservation and, ultimately, enhancement.



For Our Employees and Partners:

We commit to strive and to help improve their economic status by continuously providing job opportunities and giving them due benefits through continuous training and skills upgrading. We commit to ensuring a work atmosphere of mutual respect and teamwork. We shall continue to provide appropriate training and values enhancement to ensure the highest degree of professionalism and integrity.