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FCL aims to provide quality diesel fuel to support the development of the Philippines. Since the company was first established in 1998, it has been engaged in the haul and distribution of diesel fuel. The Company has over 20 years of business experience in the field of market research, sales, and distribution of imported petroleum products.


Through hard work, excellent service and highly skilled employees, FCL provides construction services that can fit any clientele needs. The Company accepts contracts and subcontracts of a number of infrastructures including buildings, roads, and houses.

Metal Recovery

FCL offers its services of metal recovery to customers who want the highest return from their scrap. Our Company is engaged in the collection and sale of both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. We have engaged in this industry for over 10 years as we also do our own metal recovery and sale. The Company owns a baler that can easily crush metal into stackable cubes for easier handling. 


With Fahrenheit Company Limited’s main office located inside Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority, the area has become an ideal hub for trans-shipping services. The company offers trans-shipment services for construction materials, marine and agricultural products. Our logistics can compete in the global market as we have efficiently transacted and delivered to various parts of the world including parts of Asia and the Pacific Islands.

Equipped with a 300ft x 80 ft x 18ft steel deck barge and a twin 1500HP engine 5000 DWT tugboat, FCL can deliver large quantities of aggregates, fly ash, metal, etc. Furthermore, the Company also owns a cement/fly ash ship unloader that can easily unload fine materials from the ship to bulk trucks at 200T/hour.

Port Operators

FCL currently operates two ports: Port of Capinpin and Port of Yap: Nungoch Area. We are also use Port Ignacio as part of our Company operations.


Port Ignacio, Cawag, Zambales


While this Port Ignacio can accommodate Supramax vessels (50,000 to 60,000 DWT), we do not handle any port operations at this place. This port holds our stockpile of aggregates. We strategically placed our stockpile in Port Ignacio in order to easily load bulk orders of our aggregates into vessels to serve our international and local clients better. Whether the incoterms are FOB or CIF, there will be little to no delay with shipments.


Port of Capinpin, Orion, Bataan


Port of Capinpin is owned by the Philippine Port Authority (PPA). Fahrenheit Company Limited has operated this port since 2015 offering arrastre and stevedoring services. This port can accommodate all types of shallow draft vessels including barges and LCTs. We handle bulk cargo, fertilizer, construction materials (both large and small materials such as aggregates, I-beams, H-beams, etc.), and palletized cargo.


Port of Yap: Nungoch Area, Yap, FSM


FCL also operates part of the Port of Yap called the Nungoch area. It is a bulk port that accommodates barges and LCTs. We have a 5-year contract with the Yap State Government to operate this port for both incoming and outgoing vessels in this area. This area was also leased to us to clean up and create a stockpile of the materials we bring in to the island.

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